About Us

International Branding App Association ("IBAA") is a nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation organized under the NonProfit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law of California. The specific purposes of the corporation are to:

Promote the growth and development of Branding Apps and Platform Technology
Provide education, training, and market information relating to Branding Apps and Platform Technology
Develop specifications, infrastructure, and proposed standards for Branding Apps and Platform Technology
Identify interoperability issues and develop solutions for the interoperability of Branding Apps and Platform Technology
Develop software and code in furtherance of the above specified purposes

In Today's App Economy, consumers are engaging more and more with mobile apps than they do with websites. Apps are dynamic, responsive, engaging and catering to the ever-shortening attention span of the nowadays users.

By the end of 2016 total numbers of available apps across iOS AppStore and Google Play rose to over 4 million, total worldwide downloads exceeded 90 Billion, and overall revenue reached $35 billion across both AppStore and Google.

IBAA's main activities will be linking and introducing all kinds of advanced and cost effective mobile app solutions to global business by its own branding apps and increase brand recognition in global world.